A4 Paper Size in Inches

A4 paper measures 8.267in x 11.692in. The table below displays the dimensions of A4 paper in inches.

Paper Size Type Paper Width Paper Height
A4 Dimensions 8.267 Inches 11.692 Inches
Letter Dimensions 8.5 Inches 11 Inches
Letter size: Canada and the United States of America.
A4 size in mm: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, New Zealand and nearly ever other country in the world.



A4 Paper Size in inches

What are Inches?

An Inch is known plurally as Inches. An Inch was based on 3 Barelycorns side by side in length and was introduced in England in the 1300s.

One inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimetres, or 25.4 millimetres.

There are 12 inches in one foot and 39 inches in one metre.

Inches are mostly used to measure medium distances, and are part of the Imperial measurement system.

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