A4 Paper Size in Centimetres

A4 paper measures 21cm x 29.7cm. The table below displays the dimensions of A4 paper in centimetres.

Paper Size Type Paper Width Paper Height
A4 Dimensions 21 cm 29.7 cm
Letter Dimensions 21.6 cm 28 cm
Letter size: Canada and the United States of America.
A4 size in mm: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, New Zealand and nearly ever other country in the world.



What are Centimetres?

Centimetres are also known as cm and are part of the metric measurement system.

There are 100cm in a metre, and 10 millimeters in a cm.

2.54cms are equivalent to one inch.

Centimetres are most used for measuring small to medium distances.

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