A4 Paper Size in Pixels

Because the size of paper varies depending on the Pixels Per Inch of the setting in Photoshop, there is no defined size for A4 paper in Photoshop or MS Paint. Instead, The table below displays the dimensions of A4 paper in pixels at different Pixels Per Inch (PPI or Dots Per Inch). Each pixel count is in 8 bits of colour. You can change the color mode in Photoshop when creating a new project.

Paper Size TypePaper WidthPaper Height
A4 Dimensions @ 72 DPI595 Pixels842 Pixels
A4 Dimensions @ 200 DPI1654 Pixels2339 Pixels
A4 Dimensions @ 300 DPI2480 Pixels3508 Pixels
A4 Dimensions @ 400 DPI3307 Pixels4677 Pixels
A4 Dimensions @ 600 DPI4961 Pixels7016 Pixels
A4 Dimensions @ 1200 DPI9921 Pixels14031 Pixels
Letter Size @ 72 DPI612 Pixels792 Pixels
Letter Size @ 200 DPI1700 Pixels2200 Pixels
Letter Size @ 300 DPI2550 Pixels3300 Pixels
Letter Size @ 400 DPI3400 Pixels4400 Pixels
Letter Size @ 600 DPI5100 Pixels6600 Pixels
Letter Size @ 1200 DPI10200 Pixels13200 Pixels

Letter size: Canada and the United States of America.
A4 size in mm: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, New Zealand and nearly ever other country in the world.

What are Pixels?

Pixels are not used for measuring size.

One pixel is a small dot of illumination on a display screen.

Multiple pixel dots compose an image. This is why Dots Per Inch or Pixels Per Inch is used as a standard.

Pixels are most standardised as 8bit in colour in 24bit displays. Each pixel can achieve over 16 million colours in this case.

How many Pixels of Bleed for Photoshop?

Adding a bleed to Photoshop is as easy as increasing how many pixels surround the space you want to work with. The area surrounding your workspace in Photoshop should always have a bleed of at least 3 millimeters to adjust for printing errors with it goes on paper. But we, and many others, recommend 5 millimeters to adjust for a wider variety of printers.

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